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Benefits of High Quality

Ecological solutions with high standards of Safety and Quality. Very long-lasting equipment compared to others in the market.

Time and Cost Advantages

Use of innovative technologies that enable your customers have excellent productivity at low cost.

Product Portfolio

The quality, variability, flexibility and geometry of your equipment allow us to build solutions tailored to each customer's needs.

Plant Suppression Solutions

We carry out high yielding vegetation removal work in forest areas, which is a complex task that demands the utmost care for the environment. Our forestry mulchers (coupled with tire tractors) are used for cleaning degraded areas, pastures and reforestation.

Himev Agricultural and Forestry Mulchers

HIMEV´s mulchers provide complete process control, reducing the amount of manpower, reducing costs and time, which are key elements of successful projects. They also eliminate burns and use mulch to conserve organic matter, in complete harmony with the environment.

Our machines are specially developed for land clearing or plantation conversion, as well as tree and wood mulching, road maintenance, power lines, among many other uses.

The machines of Himev

  • Benefits of high quality, time and cost advantages, in addition to a portfolio of products that allow the customer to obtain a solution tailored to their needs;
  • Benefits in quality, low costs and productivity in short time of work;
  • Saving time and money;
  • Allows long times of use when the weather is favorable;
  • Low machine costs per hectare.

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Unlike fires, mulching helps to maintain moisture and enriches the soil through organic fertilization.

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