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No Fires

HIMEV mulcher, mulches the vegetation instead of burning it.

Sustainable Production

Waste remaining in the soil and serve as cover for moisture and organic matter.

Increased Productivity

Technology replaces the work of 15 people and avoids the risk of accidents and animal bites.

Plug and Play

Connect the mulcher on the tractor and already out using.

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We are able to

“Run vegetation removal jobs with high productivity in forest areas is a complex task that requires the utmost care for the environment. Forestry mulchers Himev provide full control of the processes, reducing the large amount of manual labor, reducing costs and time, key elements in successful projects. Also burn and eliminate use crushed material to preserve the organic matter, being in harmony with the environment.”

The Founder – Hélio Faria  


A Global Vision

“The success of our company is the result of persistent work in the acquisition of experience and knowledge.

Since its foundation, more than fifteen years ago, Himev Industry has continued to produce the most competitive and reliable agroforestry machines in the Brazilian market.

Developed especially for the clearing of land or the conversion of crops, we have more than 1200 customers in all national states and abroad, having started the internationalization by expanding to other markets.

This growth would not be possible without the input of our partners and customers, extending from agricultural operators, livestock farmers, to energy producers and telecommunications companies, among many others.

We are very proud that Himev Industry’s success, also adds a tremendous value to our partners and customers, helping at the same time, to preserve the environment, in the context of major climate change by promoting the non-use of fire as a means of clearing land, preserving soil nutrients and conserving soil moisture.

This sustained and sustainable way of being and growing is only possible through close work, exchange of experiences and, above all, seriousness and commitment.”

CEO – Manuel Silva Ribeiro

Agricultural and Forestry Mulcher Ecotritus®

Superior design and engineering allow Ecotritus® mulchers to operate effectively above and below ground level.
Typical and ideal uses include: clearing pastures, preparing the soil for planting or after harvest, building and cleaning of roads and passageways, cleaning and excavation for construction and development of other sites, removal of stumps, reforestation, among others.

Environment Friendly Methods

Despite the negative effects of climate change on agriculture, there are ways to reduce damage or adapt to unfavorable climatic conditions. Since crops need soil, adequate sunlight, water and heat to develop, as the climate changes, all production is compromised. It is worth pointing out that the rural sector stands out because it represents the country’s survival, independent of the most consumed products in certain localities. In addition, changes in temperatures and humidity can contribute to the proliferation of insects, diseases, weeds and other harmful pests to the crop. So opting for methods that have no negative impact on the soil as is the case of HIMEV´s agricultural and forestry mulchers, without a doubt is an excellent investment and a smart choice.

Advantages of the Ecotritus® Agricultural and Forestry Mulcher

Some advantages are immediately noticed with the use of Ecotritus® mulcher, mounted to the rear or front of the tractor, namely:

Prevention of future erosion;
Reduction of time spent on maintenance;
The mechanized service brings greater productivity compared to the manual;
Comfort to the tractor operator;
Excellent value for money;
Prevents stings from snakes, lizards and others;
Provides the best operator performance;
In the case of the area to be mulched and to the front mounted mulchers give a better view and ergonomics to the operator.

Timeline Himev

Why choose HIMEV mulcher

of experience in Europe and qualified staff for assistance

of action in Brazil

satisfied customers

pioneer of the manufacture of forest reformer in Brazil

all equipment and parts are easy to replace and repair

most economic product in the market

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Unlike fires, mulching helps to maintain moisture and enriches the soil through organic fertilization.

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